Mission & Diversity Statements

0wheelchair3Mission Statement

The mission of Temple Isaiah is to be, in word and deed, an example of the very best of Reform Jewish values as defined by our traditions.

Acting as a community, while respecting individuality, we remain dedicated to the continuity of Reform Judaism and the Jewish people through:

  • Worship and Observance: to express our relationship with God, connect us to our past and future, and encourage spirituality.
  • Education: to encourage and to afford every member, both child and adult, the opportunity to study all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.
  • Community: to bring Jews together in significant and meaningful ways for worship, study, mutual support and social purposes.
  • Social Responsibility: to help those in need, to build relationships with other religious, racial, and ethnic groups, and to advocate positions consistent with our value for tikkun olam— the betterment of society.

Diversity Statement

My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples. (Isaiah 56:7)

Ahavat ger, welcoming the stranger, is among the most important tenets of Reform Judaism and here at Temple Isaiah, as well.  We welcome Jews from all backgrounds and denominations, including singles and families,  Jews of all races, cultures, and sexual orientations, as well as Jews-by-Choice and interfaith families.

Our congregation reflects the rich diversity that is Jewish life in America today.  We have some individuals in interfaith marriages, Jews-by-Choice, those who have children who have intermarried, or who were raised by interfaith parents.  Many of Temple Isaiah’s members, who are not involved in an interfaith marriage themselves, deal with interfaith issues in their extended families, especially as they are planning life-cycle events.

Temple Isaiah also welcomes non-traditional families, such as gay and lesbian members–single, as well as same-sex couples with and without children.  We are sensitive to the changing world and recognize that family means many things to many people.  Together we can share stories, successes, struggles, and friendship.

Our congregation is a family, and you are part of that family, too.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome at services, at events, in the halls, at committee meetings..always.  We welcome your voice.