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TEMPLE ISAIAH WELCOMES YOU0entrance with flowers2

Temple Isaiah of Stony Brook is a Reform Jewish community with about 275 family and individual members.  More than a congregation, for many members we are a big, extended family.  We offer many fine religious, cultural, educational, and social-action programs catering to a wide variety of interests.  Let us tell you a little about our special place and the special people you will meet here.

Upcoming Events

Get Connected

  • Interested in becoming a member, please come and join us!

    Contact our Co-Presidents

    Paula: pbennett1000@gmail.com or

    Eileen: ebdonnel@optonline.net

  • Save the date:

    Many upcoming events

    Football & Food at Benchwarmer’s

    Purim Carnival, Sunday, March 17th and much more!

  • Looking to get connected with all our Religious School activities,

    please contact Ilene or Ellen, to join the fun.

  • Social Action News:

    Stand With Us presentation, Sunday Jan 27th.

    Our next “Down Memory Lane” is Sunday, Feb. 10th from 2-4 PM.