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Temple Isaiah of Stony Brook is a Reform Jewish community with about 275 family and individual members.  More than a congregation, for many members we are a big, extended family.  We offer many fine religious, cultural, educational, and social-action programs catering to a wide variety of interests.  Let us tell you a little about our special place and the special people you will meet here.

Important Announcement: Rabbi & Cantor have created modified services that are now posted on our facebook page. Please click here to view the videos (you must be logged in to your personal facebook account in order to view the video)

To download the virtual Prayer Book: Click Here

Friday, May 22 , 2020
Erev Shabbat Zoom Service
Service at 7:30 P.M.
Member ID: 710 8048 0643
Password: Tfilah
Saturday, May 23, 2020
Shabbat Torah Study at 10 A.M.
 Member ID: 770 5741 6396
Password: 4Torah
Join Zoom meeting:
Updated Flip Book Mishkan T’filah Prayer Book
Hot off the presses, I am pleased to share the updated Flip Book for our prayer book, Mishkan T’filah.  See the link below, and then use the second option from the two flip books presented.  The new version has page numbers, which match those in the actual prayer book that I refer to during Zoom services.  I hope this makes things easier for anyone using the flip book.
I hope to see you on Zoom on Shabbat!
Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky

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