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Summer Hebrew Reading Assignment Packet

2019 Temple Isaiah

Grades 4-6

Summer 2019/ 5779

Dear TI Parents,

Attached, you will find the Hebrew reading assignment packet.  It comes in 3 parts.  The first part consists of pages of words and letters for your child to read.  These are selected pages from the Hebrew text that your child used this past year.  Other pages contain some practice words with English transliteration.  This is so you can check your child’s reading accuracy.The second and third parts of the packet consist of prayers that your child studied over the past year.  It would be great for your child to review reading and singing these prayers.  We are in the process of placing recordings of these prayers on our website.  I will send you the link as soon as this process is completed.

Reviewing Hebrew is critical so your child will not forget what s/he worked so hard to master this past year.  In addition, I am here all summer and would be happy to meet with your child if s/he would like a refresher lesson or two.  Just give me a call or shoot me an email.Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the curriculum or school.  I am happy to discuss anything with you. Wishing you a relaxing, fun and wonderful summer!


Cantor Marcey

PS: Please register your child for next year ASAP!

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Summer Assignment 2019 Hebrew Prayers Part 1

Summer Assignment 2019 Hebrew Prayers Part 2