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Yom Sheini, 13 Heshvan 5779


B'nai Mitzvah Program Information

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13 Mitzvot

Blessings Before & After the Torah Reading

Blessing the Children


B'nai Mitzvah Prayers

Prayers & Blessings Introduction

Tallit Blessing

Blessing before the Torah

Blessing after the Torah

Blessing before the Haftarah

Blessing after the Haftarah




Oh God

Sing the Song

The Meaning of Shabbat



Discussion Groups

Families are expected to attend each of four different B’nai Mitzvah Discussion Groups prior to the date of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah service. Discussion Group Sessions include:     
Attending the morning service     
Attending the Kiddush     
Participating in Q and A with Rabbi & Cantor     
Participating in Group Discussions

The topics discussed are:     
A-Today I Am a Woman, Today I Am a Man     
B-Parents and Children--What Do They Want from Me?     
C-What It’s Like To Lead Services     
D-More than that Day--Life after Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Discussion Group dates can be found on our Religious School Calendar.